Interlude in the Land of Movies, Almost Finished

It’s been almost two months since the last review, for Papillon, went up. After such a long gap, it would be reasonable to wonder if my resolve is holding firm or if I’ve abandoned the Boffo project. I’m writing now to reassure my readers that I have every intention of continuing Boffo in March.

A few days after Christmas I left on a road trip to Los Angeles, where I’ll be staying until about the end of February before the long drive back. I have work to do out here, and I lack my usual movie-watching infrastructure, and I’m also dedicating a lot of time to exploring southern California, so I’m not concentrating on reviews for the moment.

I apologize for not keeping my readers informed about this hiatus. I promise I will be back with my usual vigor in a few weeks.

Thank you for reading and caring.


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