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The Year in Review: 1973

High Plains DrifterSummary: A very strong year, to be sure, and yet — perhaps not quite as overpowering as the myth of the cinema of the 1970s would lead us to expect. Not as strong as 1972, with its four 10s; note that the recipient of that distinction this year is not a movie that is ordinarily singled out to that degree (although, to be fair, lots of people think more highly of several of the other movies here). Plenty of 7s and 8s, though. If the absolute peak of the early 1970s cinema had passed, the gains were being consolidated. Continue reading


(0079X) Magnum Force

Magnum ForceDecember 30, 1973 | 1 week at #1

Seen by Martin before? No

What did I expect? A continuation of the stirring conservatism offered in Dirty Harry.

What did I get? Strange as it may seem, Magnum Force is a Dirty Harry movie designed with liberals in mind. Everywhere Harry looks, he is confronted with versions of himself, only more malign and unbalanced: his bile-spewing old buddy Charlie McCoy, a quartet of eager-beaver rookie cops with crackerjack profiency with their weapons and zealotry in their eyes — and that’s far from all. The movie is carefully engineered to establish the sensible limits that Harry does honor, to present his warrior’s code as something approaching mainstream. Harry represents common sense, but the emphasis here is more on the “sense.”

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What’s Your Favorite #1 Movie from 1970?

Hi everyone! I’m back from my extended stay in California and I am gearing up to begin posting new reviews very soon. I appreciate your patience and hope you share in my optimism that the best and most interesting years for the Boffo project are yet to come.

In the meantime, I’d like you to help me out. When I first published the “Year in Review” posts, I included a poll at the bottom of the page with instructions to check off the ones that you personally would rate higher than a 6.5. As well intentioned as this was, I think it was a bit much to ask people to rate movies when even very die-hard movie fans may have seen only a handful of the movies involved.

So I’m rethinking that feature — instead of asking you to select multiple movies that you like, I’d like you to pick a single movie from the bunch, the one you like the best. Radio buttons will force you to choose one and only one movie.

I’m starting with “The Year in Review: 1970” so that people aren’t confronted with multiple polls all at the same time. 1971 and 1972 will follow shortly; I will let you know when they are ready.

The poll is on the page linked above, but you can also access it after the jump:
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